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Before diving into the reasons why everyone should have a power bank in their life, I first want to take a look at what a power bank is and what it is used for. Power banks have a circuit that controls power flow and allows for storing electricity that later charges your devices via USB. A Power Bank charges a variety of devices and comes in a variety of capacities.

Factory Work


If you work at a place like I do and there are no outlets around the area you work in but you are allowed the use of your phone a power bank might come in handy. When you work in a job that might have some downtime in between jobs you might find yourself using your phone more often to entertain yourself and smartphones use nowadays can easily drain battery life real quick. This might of been a problem before your decision to get your hands on a power bank which can charge your phone where charging via a tradition power outlet is not an option.

Studing At SCHOOL


In high school or more importantly in college sitting at our desk, we find our self desperately in need of power to charge devices and when we don’t have access to a power outlet what can we do? Power bank for smartphones will allow you to charge almost any device via USB cable and depending on the type of power bank you get it can be possible to charge your device multiple times. Now, remember don’t let your devices distract yours from all the important learning and knowledge going on around you!

French Italian Alps Hiking FOR USE ON THE GO

Most of us are always on the go, constantly moving you will find yourself using your devices to pass the time while waiting and this, of course, will drain the battery. For someone who always turns to mobile technology for entertainment or to get last minute business done there is nothing worst then the device having a low battery and having a way to charge that device on the go would be a lifesaver. Power banks are one to charge your device on the go, keep your business or play right at your fingertips and some will charge the device multiple times.


Now this reason is related to the above reason because most social media now a day is conducted on the go but it will be important to those social media gurus and missing a picture or capturing a moment on video due to a dead battery can be devastating. Many including myself have been in a situation where your phone was on the verge of dying, you go to capture a quality photo for your TWITTER, FACEBOOK or PINTEREST or in the middle of recording an important video for your YOUTUBE channel and NO not now your camera dies. Bringing along a power bank can keep your device charged even for just the last couple of really important minutes and ensure you capture the content you need!

Durability & Convenience

Power banks are built with lithium batteries which will give you maximum output after 500 charges if a high capacity is purchased you can comfortably charge your laptop which is very important for the businessman/women on the go and most can be bought at pretty affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Power banks are smaller enough to fit in your gadget backpack, suitcase, and pocket which makes it convenient for travel.


For those such as myself who are constantly on the go, traveling or in areas where power outlets are not available there is a need for solutions to keep your gadgets charged. Power banks such as the affordable, durable Clambo are a convenient and easy way to keep your cell phone, tablet or even your laptop charges. In the 21 century is has been come extremely important to society to stay connected, DON”T BE CUT OFF, GET A POWER BANK AND ALWAYS BE CONNECTED!

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Loved this

So I read the title of your post and I thought, what is a power bank? Thankfully, you described what it was right away so , again, thank you for that! lol. I actually think a powerbank can benefit everyone these days including me so I definitely am going to look into buying one, now.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you for the comment! I to think everyone should have a power bank especially if they use technology on the go because there is nothing worse then being out and you realize you forgot to charge your smart phone or the days business has killed the battery due to constant use but the day’s work has not come to an end! What are you going to do if you still have important work to be done and your phone or laptop is dead? Think of a power bank as a back-up plan!

John Rico

I really agree with you. I think that power banks are important and it is necessity to buy one. For me having battery that goes 100-0 half day just doing social medias, youtube and music is really annoying. I really get frustrated finding a wall outlet to charge my phone up. After I read your article about power bank and its 5 important reasons to buy one, it made me think to buy one ASAP. As of today I’m waiting on my order and I think that I made a pretty nice choice. I really appreciate your time sharing the important reasons of power bank. Your article taught me that I should buy one to lessen my frustration when my phone’s battery goes dead.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m glad my article help you decide to buy a power bank and shed some light on how helpful they can be. My clambo power bank has come in handy at my current delivery job, the truck’s cigarette lighter wasn’t charging my phone fast enough and my phone is vital to my operation because I use it to navigate.

I also want to thank you because you have inspired me to write an article on the top affordable power banks to help those who are looking into getting one make an intelligent decision and I am going to get started on it A.S.A.P!

Have a great day!


A power bank is a vital accessory for anyone on-the-go for more than 8 hours. As you said, losing phone power is a drag when it’s at an inopportune time. I bought a power bank for my mom this last Christmas. Technology frightens her but she uses her power bank all the time.

If you can get 2 or more charges from your power bank you’re hopefully good for an entire day. Have you tried using one in extreme heat or cold? I wonder if they’re still efficient on a snowboarding trip.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Unfortunately I haven’t use my in extreme weather! I’ve used my clambo power bank in 20 degree weather and it seem to work without any power lose or decrease charging speed! Sounds like an interesting experiment…

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