Hyperkin Retron HD Vs. Retro-Bit Res PlusWell, it’s what you all have been waiting for, even if you were unaware you were waiting for it and Reviews By This Guy is going to bring you the exclusive info on the battle. It’s the 2017 Battle Of The HD Nes Clones and it’s putting the Res Plus up against the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD. Both consoles stand to be the best in their class but the only one can remain supreme and come out on top.


Round One: Packaging

First impressions make all the difference and can be a selling point in most cases. One of these consoles went all out in presentation with an eye-catching design and it shows. The other decided to slack a little and it will hurt them in the battle but not take them out just yet.

Retro-Bit Res Plus Console BoxRes Plus

Res Plus package design looks all too familiar with its plan uninviting box art and the plastic insert that held the console. The packaging reminds me of most cheap multi Chinese game systems with the light gun and cheap controllers you would find at a drugstore. At first glance, you can tell Retro-bit didn’t try hard here and presentation wasn’t a priority. Don’t get me wrong it has a clean simple design, it isn’t as busy or has a faded color scheme like those cheap plug and plays but it just has a cheap vibe.

Hyperkin Retron HD BoxHyperkin Retron 1 HD

Now, in my opinion, Hyperkin hit it out the park with their overall package design and the box alone caught my eye. The color scheme has a retro 90’s tv commercial feel with a sunburst design which attracts the eyes, the box features a large side view of the console and controller. The box art definitely is more striking than the Res Plus and it might just have to do with the Retron 1 HD’s stunning good looks but we will get to that in all good time.

When you first open the box you will notice that Hyperkin went above Res Plus once again with a cardboard sectional that provide different compartments for the console, controller, and the console’s accessories. Hyperkin also included a little warning above the accessories suggesting you only use a 5 volt 1 amp USB wall charger for powering the device which was just another step proving Hyperkin put more thought into their overall packaging. I am also going to go as far to say that Hyperkin used a better cardboard used to construct the packaging and it may not be that important but it gives a little extra feel an overall quality.

Res Plus Retron HD What's In The Box

Round Two: What’s Included?

For the most part, both consoles include similar accessories such as the HDMI cord, a micro USB cord, a mini power brick and the console of course but each console brings something different to the table. The Res plus included not one but two controllers which is always a plus, whereas, the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD only came with one. The Hyperkin does include a set of av cable just in case you want to game on an old CRT TV where Nes gaming was built for and Retro-bit did include the av ports on the back but decided not to include the av cables.

Round Three: Design & Build Quality

Now we get to one of two important rounds in this battle and we are going to find out who comes out on top. I’m sure by now you have already guess who comes out on top as far as design and build quality is concerned but I ask you to humor me.

Retro-Bit Res Plus ConsoleThe Res + has a very simple design, something you would expect from a plug and play. The console doesn’t resemble the Nintendo entertainment system in any way except for the controller ports and the 72 pin connector, whereas the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD is designed to resemble the original NES with Hyperkin’s own twist of modern design. The Retron 1 HD has a chiseled corner with a blue led Hyperkin logo which is really cool and overall this console is esthetically pleasing to the eyes. If the consoles where side by side in a gaming or electronic store I am almost certain people would gravitate to the Hyperkin console because of design alone!

The Retron 1 HD comes in a red and black color scheme and the tradition Nintendo Entertainment Systems color Hyperkin Retron HD Nes Clone Consolescheme with a red cartridge slot dust protector. The Res Plus, on the other hand, comes in one color scheme which is red and black.

The Res Plus is light-weight and constructed of a pretty sturdy plastic but I did notice that the top of the console has a thin flexible layer of plastic. Overall the console is not very attractive, has a really simple design and even though the plastic feels pretty sturdy, it feels very cheap at the same time.

Now the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD, on the other hand, feel constructed of a very sturdy plastic and even though it feels like it weighs more than the Res Plus it is still pretty light-weight.

Res Plus Retron HD Controller ComparisonBoth controllers have their own positives and negatives when it comes to design. Retro-bit decided to go with a more ergonomic design will the button layout and Hyperkin well went with a more tradition Nes design controller.

If your interested in learning more about the over design, construction and layout of both Nes HD clone consoles please don’t forget to check out my Reviews on each by clicking the links scattered in this post or click on of these ( Res Plus & Hyperkin Retron 1 HD Reviews).

Retron HD Res Plus Side By Side

Round Four: Features

Both consoles feature the same ports, HDMI, Composite, Top loading cartridge slot, micro USB for power, two controller NES controller ports on and off buttons.


Round Five: Head To Head Gameplay

Now as we all know more Retro console clones don’t play the games directly off the cartridge, they use emulation software which dumps the game on the hardware and plays the game through software. Now on both systems, I choose to play three different games which were Double Dragons, The Simpsons Bart Vs. Space Mutants and Zelda of course.

I do have to say for the most part both systems handle each game pretty well, there was no noticeable frame rate issue or audio issues. I did, however, notice that Double Dragon at times had a weird err noise that is pretty similar to the sound you would hear when your audio cables were not situated right or about to go out and this was the same for both systems. Not sure if this is an emulation issue or an issue with the game itself and I don’t have an original Nintendo find out. Been so long since I have played the game on original hardware I just can’t remember.

Now Zelda played flawlessly on both systems and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was playing on the original hardware. The frame rate was spot on and the audio brought back so many memories. I almost got lost in the game and felt like I was five all over again. I will most definitely be playing through the game again on the Hyperkin Retron HD because sadly enough I don’t remember ever beating it!

When playing Bart Vs. Space mutants I did notice something I thought was out of the normal but I wasn’t sure because playing the game on the Retro Bit Res Plus and the Hyperkin Retron HD was the first time. The background music in the beginning of the game seemed a little sped-up, so I headed to the internet to take a look at some video captures of the game and it seems the same so I guess it was normal. The game itself wasn’t sped-up, frame rate seems spot on and the audio in the game was ok.

Final Round: Knock-Out

When it came to playing your retro NES games in HD both systems did an amazing job and the overall gaming experience was a blast in my opinion. Both consoles came with controllers that felt very reminiscent of the original NES controller and both had their own pluses. The Retro Bit Res Plus controller had diagonal convex action buttons as opposed to the original NES horizontal action buttons on the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD and the Retron HD had what I believe to be the original D-pad with the etched in arrows from the Original Nintendo Entertainment System controller which felt like you were gaming with the original controller. Now one thing I believe the Res Plus has over the Retron HD is it comes with two controllers which I think should be pretty standard with clone retro consoles.

The Hyperkin Retron HD has the same power and resets buttons from the Original NES. The Res Plus decided to go with a loud spring loaded reset button and a toggle on/off switch located on the top of the console.Both consoles have a top loading cartridge slot which secures the cart pretty well I only which there was an eject button like the original SNES console.

In my opinion the Hyperkin Retron HD through the blow that ended in a knock because of design and overall presentation. The Hyperkin Retron HD NES Clone console has that nostalgic Nintendo Entertainment System look with a modern twist and I just feel like put a little more love into there overall design whereas Retro Bit just didn’t. The Retro Bit Res Plus just looks like a cheap Chinese plug & Play that lacked much thought in the design process. Hyperkin took the original Nintendo NES Design and made it better. The Retron HD is what the original Nintendo would have looked like if Hyperkin was on Nintendo design team over 30 years ago. Both consoles have the same price point, function the same and offer the same value but the Retron HD offers more in overall cool factor. I believe Hyperkin Retron HD wins the battle because they design an overall better-looking console with the same features as the Retro Bit Res Plus at the same price.

I hope you enjoyed the Battle Of The HD Clones, Which One do you believe one? Which one is the better NES HD CLONE? RES PLUS? HYPERKIN RETRON HD? Do you agree with the outcome of the battle or disagree? Either way please let us know down below in the comments!


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Hi Salvatore! I just read your post regarding the battle of the HD Nes clones! Really amazed by how thorough and detailed you have been with you review. One can really see your passion for this type of retro console that would have disappeared if it weren’t for those clone manufacturers. I really liked also the layout of your content, one can really see your graphic design qualities taking over in it. The only negative minor thing I would let you know is the grammar part of the post, as a non english native speaker myself, I recognize myself in some of your grammatic errors, they aren’t too big and the words that you might have wrongly written one can easily understand while reading the whole sentance what word you ment in reality. One suggestion I might have is to not be completely trusting the grammar check on the Site content page. It will find the main mistakes but does not recognize always that a single word isn’t the one fitting in the sentence. To improvev my writing I usually read lot of english books and posts, and before posting one of my posts I always read it up 2 or 3 times. If I find something that doesn’t sound right in a sentence I google it to see if it gets corrected.

Besides from that, from an Italian to, what I reckon from your name is, an Italian; complimenti per il tuo post! Really got my interest! Thanks for the read Salvatore!


Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you, I am glad you found the post interesting!

I will have to proof read it but I have been using Grammarly and it has been doing a pretty good job of catching grammar mistakes but maybe it missed an error here and there!


Hi Salvatore, there are two really important things that I don’t think you have mentioned.

One is a plus point for the Retron HD and the other a minus point.

Firstly is the color palette, the Retron HD has serious problems on this front via the HDMI port. ON some games the colors are largely fine and a close match to the original hardware, on others they are not, even on some common games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Punch Out.

The second point is rather important to people who have a few PAL games in their collection, the Retron HD has a switch that turns the console into PAL mode so PAL games will work at the right speed.


These are both great points GP and yes I didn’t mention them directly in the post because I had to save something for the Hyperkin Retron HD review.
Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where online shopping runs amuck and I have been required to work more hours then I would like at work and haven’t the time to get to writing the review, I even have a couple of videos that I need to edit and one of them is the Retron HD review but I haven’t been able to get to that as well.

This is exactly what this website is intended for, to come together and express our feeling or teach one another about the very things that interest us – Tech & Gaming. If you haven’t yet considered checking out the We Deem Channel, I would be interested in hearing your opinion on some of the Tech and gaming accessories that I have reviewed or discussed!


OK 🙂 Thanks, I’m now subscribed.


I wasted a fair chunk of my youth playing the NES and when i looked at the two of these consoles it was the Hyperkin Retron that brought back all the nostalgia and made my thumbs start twitching again, back back quarter cirlce double tap.
I know what to buy myself for christmas now, thanks dude.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem… I think the Hyperkin Retron HD won the battle of the clones for me because of the design of the console because it brought back all those NES memories for me as well and when I first laid eyes on it I felt extreme nostalgia!

Thanks for the comment!


Nothing like a nostalgic blast from the past! Haha, but in all seriousness, I see these gaming machines popping up all over the place now at almost every brick and mortar store I enter. I always wonder how exactly they are going to perform but I’ve always been too worried to pick one up until now. Thank you for the well-researched and easy to read content!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I am glad you found the post to be valuable… There are plenty of clone consoles out there, including cheap Chinese versions but in my opinion Retro-Bit and Hyperkin build some quality machines. Now don’t get me wrong they have their issues and don’t function quite as well as the original hardware but they come pretty damn close especially with these two consoles!


Wow, I didnt even know that NES consoles were still available. For me, looks does play an important so I would choose the Retro HD even if its contestant would be better although it is not. The cheap plastic design really puts me off. While I am a Pc gamer myself and would never game on a console any more, these NES clones remind me of my early days as a yound kid. Great, detailed reviews.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I myself enjoy all forms of gaming but I would agree PC gaming is above all and I think some day we will see an end to the console market and computer gaming will live on. However, the NES clones do bring me back to my childhood and bring back apart of my life I miss. Nintendo Entertainment System brought me plenty of joy and entertainment when I was a child which is something in my opinion that is hard to find nowadays. 

Overall it is nice to see new hardware that helps us relive and keep retro gaming alive!


Hi Salvatore,
Thanks for your post on this. It’s great to see classic games consoles making a comeback, especially the NES. Many a hour was spent on these great games in my childhood. Have to agree with your final verdict on the Hyperkin. Had to make a double take just to make sure it wasn’t the original console. Might have to add this one to the xmas list!


Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Hyperkin Retron HD would make a great Christmas gift!


Wow, I really like the look of the Res+, very sleek.
I always loved playing retro NES games, Mario especially!

So I assume this is just meant to be a replacement for your retro consoles that you can’t buy anymore? I’d love to be able to play those old games again.

You mention that the systems come with HDMI cords, does this mean that the graphics are enhanced at all? Seems redundant to add them if you’re playing retro games without before HD even existed, no?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Colors are brighter, crisper and sharper. If you’ve ever hooked a console to a HD via composite you would have notice the image is very pixelated but with an HD modified console this isn’t the case.


Man! I did not know such things exist! That totally made my day and if I wasn´t traveling at the moment, it would have been in my cart already!

So you said they are emulating the games, but I still need the actual cartridge, is that correct?

I stumbled over a small version of the NES with a lot of games already on it, but I think that was actually made by Nintendo.

Is there any chance to load games on these consoles as well? How is the second hand market for old NES games? I am overwhelmed and excited!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The way these two clone console work is, you insert the original cartridge and the system dumps the roms file from the cart and your able to play the game. Not sure if you can upload roms to the system but I’m sure there is a hack somewhere that would allow you to do so!

As far a pricing goes for original Nintendo games, well, it all depends on the game and how rare it is. There are some games out there are fair affordable prices and others are expensive! Every once and a while you might find an expensive game at a flea market or garage sale which at that point consider yourself lucky.

Thanks for the comment, any other question feel free to ask!

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